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How to Store Food

Before heading out to the supermarket, sight regional advertisements as well as discover specials that will certainly permit you to purchase more for less. Oil is essential permanently health, fueling our power shops and also providing support for read more...

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How to Recognize Food Shortage and Survive It

Mushrooms: According to our buddies at the Kitchn, commercial mushrooms (the ones you get at the grocery store) are best left in their initial product packaging. In this way, you could access a percentage of stock whenever a dish requires it. Enti read more...

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Online dating for preppers, survivalists, doomsday believers


One Survivalist Singles member, Mtexplorer2, says "

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For other uses, see Survivalism (disambiguation).

"Prepper" redirects here. For the television show, see Doomsday Preppers. For the (unrelated) American fashion subculture, see Preppy.

Survivalism is a primarily American movement of

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Safe Food Storage - Refrigeration

If you've cats and especially dogs, then storing their food can be described as a pain. With this information comes a selection that people all have to make. , why would I ever have to a food dehydrator to preserve my food?" My knee jerk response read more...

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Medicine :: Natural Disasters - Have You Prepared An Emergency Kit? Save Your Life With First Aid Kit

Natural skin care remedies refer to treatments made at home for many types of skin-related problems like acne, spots, aging skin and wrinkles. Here is a large list of items you could include in your kit. Here is a large list of items you could inc read more...

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Tips For Prepping Five Minute Fillers

Every teacher has those times once you need five minutes to take attendance, speak to a colleague, or answer a call in the office. So succulent and opulent you dream of the perfect steak. College preparedness tests such as the SAT and ACT are part read more...